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Quick Update: Classes Almost Complete

Hello, all. I just wanted to jump online and give you a quick update of where I am right now. I just had a big test with my class and I will know the results Monday, February 13th. If I passed the test, I will only have two more months of classes. Once this class is finished, I can get back to writing full-time.

In the meantime, I want to do something to help tide those of you over who are so patiently waiting for the the next book, Into the West: Sharon Springs, to come out. This week, school is on a break. I have no assignments to do and no test to study for. I won't even have the next book until the 13th. So, since I have a week free from classwork, I want to do something special for you, my readers.

I know a few people have asked me about Sonya. The last thing anyone knows about her was Mrs. Kelly watching Sonya through the train window as the train was pulling away from the station. Sonya was kicking and screaming on the train platform as Dr. Nickel, Ms. Walters, and Mrs. Blake tried to restrain and sedate her. So much happened with Sonya after the train pulled away (well. in my own mind at least) and I have decided to share some of that with you. This week I am going to write a short story about what happened with Sonya after Mrs. Kelly couldn't see her anymore.

This short is going to be given to you, my readers, for free. The only catch is, to get this you have to sign up for the members only part of my website. There is no charge to sign up for this. This access will get you more free things in the future. After a month our class will take another week off before finishing up the last stretch of our class. I was planning to write another short after that. I was thinking to write the second one on Elizabeth and Conner's mother and what happened with her after she gave up the children. These stories will not be in any of the books, at least not in any books I have planned at this time. They are just going to be free extras for those of you who are being so patient as I finish up my class.

To join the members only page just click on the saloon on my webpage. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Members Only." When you do this, a page comes up that lets you create a password to get into this section. Just fill out the form and you are in. The short story should be available for download by the end of the week.

So, that is news for now. Please, think good thoughts for my test scores. I don't have to have the highest score in the class, I just have to pass so I can finish this and get back to writing!

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