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Things are Never Easy

Just when I think things are going to go smoothly for a while, wham! Reality hits me in the face. I decided to pick up a part-time job to get a little extra money coming in so I can quit depleting my 401K. I have started teaching English as a second language to school children in China.

I do the whole thing online in a one-on-one class. It should be fun. I'm really looking forward to my first class. I have had two classes scheduled but neither child showed up for the class. I have another class scheduled for tomorrow and I'm hoping I will finally get to teach. I only have to work 7.5 hours a week during their peak times for this program so that leaves me plenty of time for writing but it also gives me enough cash to cover everything I was paying for out of the 401K money and more.

I'm also signed up for the class I need to finish taking. It starts again November 21. After my class starts, time will be a little more scarce. I will get up at 6 am, go to my class, rush home to teach my English classes, then go back out to run errands if needed, and then have the evening to write. I will have to work 2.5 hours on Saturdays to fulfill my required peak hour time once my morning class starts but I only have four more months of my morning class then I'm done. I hope! I just hope my sanity holds out that long.

I've been taking a private class on Saturdays with my former teacher to make sure I am where I need to be to pick up my class again. At least that can stop when the class starts again and I can just teach and write on Saturdays. With any luck I will have all day Sundays to just spend with P.R. and Shaggy.

P.R. has been great about helping out around the house more as I have more things on my plate. Of course, P.R. would help out anytime I asked no matter how little or how much I have going on. P.R. is just great like that. I don't think I could have wished for a more supportive spouse if a genie created one for me. Which is great considering how much I will have to do in the coming months!

I have been creating this new website. It's been a real trial trying to get this together. I had tried iPage but was very unhappy with their non-existent tech support. Then I just decided to buy the premium program here on Wix. I have had my website on here for years so I don't know why I didn't just buy the program here to begin with but in my defense when I searched for the best hosting sites iPage was at the top. I have no idea how they got listed so high.

Now, I need to finish rebuilding my web page, start writing book three, work with Dianne to come up with cover art for three, and finish the audio for books one and two, while going to class and teaching a class and at some point spend time with the family. Yeah, that's not a lot. I think if I give up sleep I can handle it all. No problem!

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