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Season Two Finale Episode & Holiday Rebroadcast Schedule

Dec. 27th - Jan. 31 Holiday Break Rebroadcast Schedule:
Jan. 10 - *New Show* 100th episode with special guest, P.R. Burckhardt (Now Streaming)

Season Three Begins February 7th with Love Fest
For Two Months We Will feature Authors Who Write on All Aspects of Love  
Self-Love, Romantic Love, Love For Life, How to Deal with Lost Love, and MORE!

Feb. 7th - S3 EP 104 Susan Horsnell, Historical Romance (Now Streaming)
Feb. 14th - S3 EP 105 Elizabeth Teets, Nonfiction Love Letter to Female-led Comedies (Now Streaming) 
Feb. 21st - S3 EP 106 Terreece M. Clarke, Courageous Love Romance 
Feb. 28th - S3 EP 107 La Toya Bond, Podcaster, Cookbook and Memoir Author *Trigger Warnings*
Mar. 6th - S3 EP 108 Nadine Abrahams, Fantasy Romance
Mar. 13th - S3 EP 109 Sonya Moore, Nonfiction Author Sharing Love, Life, and Wanderlust
Mar. 20th - S3 EP 110 Eve Black, *Spicy* Motorcycle Club Romance *Adult Content -Trigger Warnings*
Mar. 27th - S3 EP 111 J.R. Byers, Paranormal Romance


This wks EP

Season Three Love Fest Has Begun!!!

Elizabeth teets Web s3 ep105.jpeg
Join Our Love Fest Feb. 7th -Mar. 27th! 
Elizabeth Teets

Writer, Comedian, and Fashionista

S3 EP 105: February 14th

In January 2024, Elizabeth released her first book, an anthology, Isn't She Great: Writers on Women-Led Comedies from 9 to 5 to Booksmart . Editing the selection of articles for this book was a project for which she was well prepared. 

Elizabeth started out her career in comedy. For years she wrote her own sets and performed stand up, honing her comedy chops in front of live audiences. She soon expanded her writing portfolio as she began crafting articles for the punk rock satire site, The Hard Times. She would go on to expand her portfolio, publishing articles for various publications including Bunny Ears,  Repeller, Hobart,  Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times.

One of her more popular articles appeared in Catapult, "How to Write About Your Ex". This was not the first time Elizabeth had written about her exes. Before her "ex" articles were published, she had been planning to write a book of essays. Early in ther process, she noticed that a bulk of her essays were focusing on past relationships that had gone awry for one reason or another. 

Reviewing her work she decided to refocus the project and began to edit out many of the ex essays. But as they were already written, she decided to make good use of the work and submitted them for publication with various outlets. They were a hit with her readers.

To hear her full story, check out today's podcast and be sure to check out her pages in the current issue of Book Banter Magazine (link below).

Terreece M. Clarke

International Bestselling Author

S3 EP 106: February 21st

It is impossible to spend time speaking with Terreece M. Clark and not come

away in a better mood than when you started the conversation. With a ready

smile and a kind word for everyone she meets, it is easy to see how her

personality plays into her ability to connect so well with her followers. 

Terreece's Courageous Love Series is more proof of her ability to connect

with others.  At the time of this writing, her first book in the series, Heartbeat,

is sitting at number one and number two on two similar Amazon bestseller lists. 

While this book was released in 2022, it is still gaining traction in the romance

reading community. It continues to be mentioned on various romance review

book sites as being one of the best books on the market today. 

According to several reviews listed on, Heartbeat is a well rounded story that makes the readers laugh out loud, cry, and  delivers engaging, sexy characters who readers love. According to Terreece's website, she is "passionate about representation, amplifying voices that are often muted, championing small businesses, highlighting workers who make a big business great, and taking on society’s tough topics. We have to model the change we want and share the megaphone so everyone is included."

It is obvious from her stellar reviews and her placement on bestseller lists that her readers obviously appreciate her work and her storytelling. Which makes it all the more amazing that she was not always focused on becoming an author. Terreece started out her college career with the intention to be a broadcast journalist, but quickly found out that the stories she wanted to tell were not the ones she would be assigned. She took a leap of faith in herself and changed her career path.

Please Note: Some of her books come with trigger warnings. Please visit her website for more information. 

Listen to her full interview this February 21st to hear her incredible story. While you wait for her interview to broadcast, you can find more information in the current issue of Book Banter Magazine (link below)

Terreece's Website

Terreece on Facebook

Terreece on Instagram

Terreece on TikTok

Terreece Clarke S3 106 Video.jpeg
La Toya Bond

Author, Podcastor, and Sui©ide Prevention Advocate

S3 EP 107: February 28th

** Trigger Warning: Discussion of death by sui©ide and taking another person's life **

When you talk to La Toya Bond, it is difficult to image she has faced heartbreaking

loss of a great love in her life. She has a bubbly personality, is easy to laugh, and

has dedicated her life to spreading love wherever she can. 


This mission in her life was born out of great loss. It was just four years ago that

her family was shocked and devastated to learn her beloved father had died by

his own hands after first taking the life of his wife. The couple had only been

married nine months. 

Herman McKalpain, Jr. had, by all accounts, an amazing life. He was one of the

first people in his family to go to college. He was considered a very intelligent and

talented person.

According to La Toya, her father had a decorated career as a radio/TV broadcast

engineer for thirty years and was local celebrity. His life seemed blessed, but behind closed doors he suffered with depression and other internal battles that eventually overpowered him. 

Looking back, La Toya questions  conversations she and her father had in the final years of his life. She is left wondering if she knew then what she knows now, would she have picked up on the subtle signs he was giving and been able to change his fate and prevent the horrible loss of life that befell  their family. 

Listen to her full interview this February 28th to hear her amazing story of survival. While you wait for her interview to broadcast, you can find more information in the current issue of Book Banter Magazine (link below). 

La Toya Bond's Website

La Toya on Facebook

La Toya on YouTube

La Toya on Twitter

La Toya Bond S3 EP 107 Video.jpeg
Magazine Available Twit cover size.jpeg

Feb. 1st


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