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Takiyha Smith

Author of the I Love Me! Colorful and Creative Coloring Books

S3 EP 127: July 17th

Hello My Happy People,


If you have been following along this season, you know inclusion and representation has been a big theme for us. It is important for anyone to see people like themselves in books, but it is especially true for children. My guest today brings fun, creative, and empowering images to children with her I Love Me! Colorful and Creative coloring books for girls and boys.


When Takiyah Smith began planning her business career, being the author of inspirational and empowering coloring books for children’s was not originally part of her plan. This native San Franciscan attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) where she earned her degree in Merchandise Product Development.     


While her field of study was originally fashion, the business education Takiyah received at FIDM proved to be transferable once she decided to become an entrepreneur. Takiyah began working with a few local, traditionally published authors. She helped them with promoting their books and with scheduling book signing events. This gave Takiyah a glimpse into the the pros and cons of working with traditional publishing houses.


When Takiyah decided to write and publish her own work, she did seek out a few of the smaller traditional publishing houses, but was not inspired to pursue that path. This experience taught her the main benefit traditional publishers provided new, unknown authors was their large distribution chain. However, Takiyah knew it was possible to work directly with retail outlets to get her books in front of her target market. 


Takiyah credits the global pandemic as being an aid that allowed her to shift her focus to her own publishing career. But why not hear her full story from the author herself. Just click the purple microphone to go listen now.


Read more about Takiyah and all our authors from June and July in the current issue of Book Banter Magazine (link above).

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