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Book Banter 

with Dianne Burckhardt


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Ulff Lehmann

Author of The Light in the Dark Series

S3 EP 119: May 22nd

* Possible Trigger Warning *

Discussion of mental health issues, dark, grim, epic fantasy themes and use of profane language.

Bleeped words include: k1ll, sh1t, a$$hole, pro$t1tüte, ma$terb@te, and Fu©_.


When you speak with Ulff Lehmann you would only know he has struggled with mental health issues because he is so open about his challenges. Despite the difficulties he faces with his mental health, he projects a friendly and relaxed personality. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable conversation with him about his books and writing. Taking care of his mental health is an important part of his life and writing is a big part of his self-care.

Ulff has been unable to work outside of home for years and writing has given him a creative outlet that expands his world far beyond the walls of his home. His books have given him a reason to reach out and connect with others who have found great value in the world he has built in his epic fantasy, Light in the Dark Series.


Ulff has created a complex, diverse world of dark fantasy that harkens back to the original Grimm Tales where blood is easily spilt and even the heroes can live morally grey lives. Book one, Shattered Dreams, is an excellent introduction to Ulff’s world. If a reader can make it through the first three chapters of this book and still crave more, they will be thoroughly pleased as they work their way through the rest of the series.


Ulff’s work has even received praise from New York Times bestselling fantasy writer Ed Greenwood, who commented that “SHATTERED DREAMS is a rich, layered high fantasy, the beginning of an epic that will be well worth following for years to come. Looming menace, thoughtful world-building; a winner!”

Don't wait, click the purple microphone to go listen now and hear Ulff's story in his own words. 

Future Guests

April 3rd - May 29th Episodes

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        S3 EP 119: Ulff Lehmann, Author of the Light in the Dark Series

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May 29th​
        S3 EP 120: Theresa Payton, Author of Manipulated: Inside the Cyberwar to Hijack Elections

       and Distort the Truth 

       Theresa's Fortalice Solutions

Streaming in April & May

Click the Cards for More Information

Theresa Payton Video Card.jpg

Featured Author

Theresa Payton,
Author of Manipulated: Inside the Cyberwar to Hijack Elections and Distort the Truth.
Theresa was the First Female White House CIO and Founder and CEO of Fortalice Solutions, LLC, Experts in Cyber Security.  

Summer Sizzles

with June/July Reading Suggestions


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June 12th 
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June 19th  
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June 26th  
        S3 EP 124: J.R. Sanders, Author of The Nate Ross Novels 

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July 3rd 
       S3 EP 125: Andreea Rus, Children's Book Author of See or Guess, Sheep Stuffed with Sleep

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July 10th ​ 
       S3 EP 126: Darlene Dziomba, Author of The Lily Dreyfus Mysteries

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July 17th 
       S3 EP 127: Takiyah Smith, Author of  I Love Me! Colorful and Creative: Empowering Coloring

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July 24th​ 
        S3 EP 128: Andrew Najberg, YA Horror Author of The Neverborn Thief

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July 31st​
        S3 EP 129: Lina Hart, YA Author of Beyond Power: A Supernatural Sci-Fi Romance

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