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Whatever Wednesday: To Save Them All

Hello, Posse!

I am sure you can guess what the big news is today, Into the West: To Save Them All is about ready to be released!

I have already gotten the book back from one beta reader and I will make a few corrections to it today then email it to my professional editor. If he can get it back to me by this weekend or next week sometime (which he can usually do because he is amazing!) then I will get it set up for publication.

I was thinking about publishing it the last week of June and realized that the Friday of that week is actually July 2nd. It seemed like a perfect time to publish this right before a holiday. I am sure many people would love to have something to read over the long weekend.

I did manage to update my video introduction to my Into the West Saga Serial to include the new book (see video below). I was going to go ahead and update it to include the last book in this serial, but seeing as how that one will not come out for several months, I thought I should wait on that one. The plan is to have Into the West: Last Showdown ready to publish by the end of July/early August. I only have to write about three more chapters to finish it so that should be very doable. Then I would like to have the last book, Into the West: Family Ties ready for Christmas and even make it kind of a Christmas on the prairie story.

I am still surprised how much of a religious theme so many of these storylines have taken. It was never my intent to write the story this way. It was just where the characters naturally took the story. Having them all come together to celebrate Christmas in the final book seems like a good storyline for them. Plus, it will be fun to write.

Once this saga is done, I plan to take a break from westerns for a bit and write my biography I have been planning for years, Free Bad Haircuts with Each Craniotomy. It is about the year I spent getting my diagnosis, going through the surgeries, that time I died, and my recovery to where I am now. I have three neurological conditions and one is only seen in about one half of one percent of the population. I think some people would find this fascinating, at least I hope they will.

I'd also like to try my hand at a mystery, or horror, or SciFi, or maybe even a romance. I am not sure yet. But once I get a little break, I have a second saga planned for my territory saga serialy. I would take a couple from the Into the West saga and move them to another territory, like Colorado, and do another novella serial. I have so much planned that I want to write. I just need to get to it all. It would be amazing if one day I could actually make enough money from my books to just write all day everyday. That would be heaven to me!

I'm off to go do some final tweaks before sending the book of to Greg. Have a great day, Posse! Don't forget to keep watching my social media for more updates on all the Into the West Saga Serial books!

Take care,


Video Introduction to The Into the West Saga Serial Collection by Stephen Burckhardt


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