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Whatever Wednesday: Part 5, Family Ties

Hello Posse,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I was working all day then the new season of Fortnight (yes, I am one of those geeks) dropped and my husband Pedro bought me the battle bundle to play this season. I took a break and was just going to play a few games but then I got a party invite from my friend Kairy, and well . . . I was distracted by squad rumbles in the creative area.

But I am here now and back to work. I have been designing the new cover for part 5, Into the West: Family Ties (you can see a very rough mock up of it to the left here). We wanted something to show that Elizabeth and Conner are still close even though they live in separate homes at the moment. I have been searching our photo databases and could not find anything that worked. I finally found a photo of two boys that looked good and with a bit of photoshop, I turned one boy into a girl, as you can see in the photo above.

I'm also working on contests. I have been trying to come up with something fun instead of the usual drawing a name for a signed advanced reader paperback giveaway of Into the West: Most Wanted. I have tried a trivia contest before with just three questions and we only got a few entries and no one got all three questions correct.

I am considering a scavenger hunt on Stephen's website. I would give you three questions that you can easily find the answers to on the different web pages. What do you think? What would be fun for you? Would you rather just enter to win? Let me know. We want these things to be fun for all of you.

During my break between parts four and five, I plan to be creating a few more fun things for the Members Only page. I am going to have a recipe section with recipe links I have shared in blogs but I am also going to start sharing recipes I mention in the books from the time period of the Into the West Saga Serial. I will have recipes I have mentioned in the books like Johnny Cakes and Cast Iron Skillet Biscuits plus I will include some Native recipes too. I just learned how to make Cherokee Fry Bread so you know that will have to be in there.

Plus, we want to add a games section with crossword puzzles, word seek, and other games based on the information from the serials and this period in American History. So if you haven't joined the Members Only page, now is the time to do it. It is free to join and you can quit at any time. You control your membership!

Don't forget Part Three Into the West: Sharon Springs eBook is on a countdown sale right now. Saving start at 67% off the regular price. That is a saving of $2. Hurry and download your copy today. The price starts going back up tomorrow!

Have a great night!



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