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Whatever Wednesday: National Days!

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Hello Posse,

I hope you are having a great day. Today was actually the third day in a row that we had snow here in Germany. It has been crazy cold and frankly, just plain wrong to have snow in April! This is not normal. Just last week we had almost 80° days and now snow. At least it gives me a reason to drink hot chocolate. Gotta find a bright side!

If you follow my social media at all, you know I love National Days. There is something to celebrate just about every day of the year if you follow National Days. I personally love that my birthday always falls on Talk Like a Pirate Day every year. Today happens to celebrate two things I can definitely support, No Housework Day and Beer Day! Is it a coincidence that both of these fall on the same day? I think not!

Now, while it is a day to skip the housework, I do not include baking in the housework category and I am dying to try a new recipe that uses Guinness. This one comes from Homemade Hooplah's, Bailey's Dark Chocolate Guinness Bread. (<---click for recipe)

This looks like something my husband and I would love for a Sunday dessert with a good cup of coffee! With the Bailey's icing it just sounds so tasty. I already have Guinness on the next grocery list (I always have Bailey's in the house for recipes and the occasional spiked coffee on the weekends) just so I can make this bread.

So what are you doing with your Wednesday, posse? Do you have any plans for the weekend now that things are starting to open up in the US? I think it will be a while for that to happen here in Germany. I'm fine with that. As cold as it is right now, I wouldn't go out anyway. Besides it just gives me more time to work on writing Into the West: Last Showdown. It's going so well right now. I can't wait for you all to read it!!!

Enjoy your National Day!


(If you have missed this news,

Stephen Burckhardt is a pen name

for author Dianne Burckhardt)


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