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Wednesday Podcast: EP 16 Writing Process & Bk 7 Sneak Peek

Hello My Happy People! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! I have been hard at work overcoming my procrastination habit and working on part 7 of my Into the West saga Serial, Into the West: Family Ties. I think I am finally seeing some progress, but you will hear more about this and my writing process for all the books in the Into the West Saga Serial Collection in today's podcast. I also have a favor to ask in regards to my free beta version audiobook. If you like audiobooks, please go have a listen to mine and give me pointers on how to make it better. I am just now learning how to produce audiobooks, I even do all the voices for this one, but I do not listen to many of audiobooks anymore. Because of this, I am seeking people who are audiobook fans to listen to my audiobook for FREE and give me feedback on how to improve mine. Just join the Members Only page of my website for FREE (link below) and follow the links to get to the free streaming beta version audiobook of my award-winning book Into the West: The Orphan Train. You can quit the Members Only page anytime, no strings attached! So you can join, listen to the audiobook and quit right after if you like. No fees, no problems! I also throw in a sneak peek from Into the West: Family Ties. So what are you waiting for? The podcast is ready to go, give a listen anytime, any where, on any device! Enjoy Dianne Related Links: Burckhardt Books

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