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Monday Movie Madness: Lone Texas Ranger

Hello, Posse!

We are going to get right to it. I've been out running around town all day and I'm already falling asleep so let get to the movie before I start snoring.

Today's Flick is Lone Texas Ranger staring Wild Bill Elliott. I'll admit this is one I have not seen yet, but I will have to get to it this week. I love Red Ryder stories. Lone Texas Ranger was released in 1945 and is an American Western. It was directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and Robert Blake once again reprises his role at a young Native boy, Little Beaver. This film was number eight of twenty three Republic Red Ryder movies.

This story follows a crooked sheriff (Tom Chatterton) and his partner in crime, the local backsmith (Roy Barcroft). The pair have been robbing local businesses and framing innocent townsfolk for their crimes. They make a mistake when they move to rob a stage and put the blame on Red Ryder (Elliott). In the process the sheriff ends up getting killed. After his father's death, his son, Tommy (Jack McClendon) comes home and is asked to take over as sheriff. Tommy has no idea that his father was a criminal. He takes the job and vows to catch the man who killed his father. The blacksmith accuses Red Ryder and things take a nasty turn.

Movie Snack Recipe

With Thanksgiving coming later this week I thought a quick easy healthy movie snack would be good today. Why not try some Fruit Kabobs with Orange-Yogurt Dip recipe from Smuckers. (<--- click for recipe)

This tasty snack could not be simpler to make. You can get inventive and try loads of fruit combinations. I personally like a little honey drizzled over the yogurt too with tiny bit of granola sprinkled on top. I love that added crunch.

Great Westerns

Remember, many great western movies started out as great western books. If you haven't already, why not read my Into the West Saga Serial Collection (<---click to view books). Parts one through six are available now on and I'm currently writing the final chapter of this saga, part seven, Into the West: Family Ties. It is currently set for a Christmas release.

Don't forget, you can join my mailing list and never miss out on news or upcoming release dates. Just go to our subscribers page (<--- click here) and give us your name and email address. When you join up, you get to read the first chapter of Into the West: The Orphan Train for free. If you haven't read my books this is a great way to try them out with no risk to you or if you have Kindle Unlimited the entire Into the West Saga Serial is available to read free with your subscription. The mailing list is free to join, quit anytime, no strings attached . . . ever! What have you got to lose? Join us today and start reading!

So that is it for today, posse. I'm going to find a heating pad and Ibuprofen. So it's time to grab those snacks and settle in for another great western movie!!



P.S. I am sorry but there were no trailers or other videos I could find for this film. the few videos I found about Bill Elliott's Red Ryder movies are only available to watch on YouTube. You can find a video list of his Red Ryder movies here (<--- click here)


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