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Manic Monday: And the Winners are ...

(Dianne is center back row, talking to the woman next to her ... of course!)

Hello My Happy People,

I am so pooped! This past week has been an incredible whirlwind of excitement and fun.

We had an amazing trip to Bolton, UK. We met so many fascinating people from all over the globe. P.R. and I already have plans to go back again and even hope to be more involved with She Inspires in the future. We got to tour the Bolton University (I want to enroll in their FX program!) and met the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Akhtar Zaman. We spent the afternoon with She Inspires' founder, Gulnaz Brennan. She is an incredible woman and it was so nice meeting her. We got to meet Sunita Bhuyan who is an accomplished violinist and a wonderful woman. She performed at the event and was an award winner as well. We met so many accomplished, kind women at this event. I have never had a trip like this before.

This organization, She Inspires, is amazing and does so much to help women in their lives, careers, and more. I met authors, musicians, politicians, activists, and women in so many diverse fields from digital technology to medical and other STEM areas and so much more. I was amazed how many of us have podcasts. A group of us already have plans to do crossover interviews.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen some of this next bit.

Traveling can be a real adventure at times.

On the way to Bolton, we had flight delays and had to rush through the Frankfurt airport to catch our second flight. One thing that helped was the people in the customs line actually let Pedro and I go ahead of them when they found out we were about to miss our flight. It was an incredible display of international traveler solidarity. I think it helped that I was obviously limping and in a lot of pain.

I had hurt my knee a few weeks ago and was wearing a brace on it, but all the rushing through the airport really irritated my knee. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad for the event and the tour of Bolton yesterday, but Pedro insisted we take a cab to the train station that was only about a 10 minute walk from the hotel … and thank goodness he did. Unbeknownst to us, the train operators are on strike the day we were going back to the airport to go home. No trains were going anywhere. So instead of our expected $16 train tickets to the airport, we had about a $60 taxi fare.

Our driver was incredibly nice and talked to us the entire drive so it went very quickly. To be honest, we only met one person on the trip who was not openly friendly and she just seemed to be having a hard time staying focused and was not exactly unfriendly.

To be honest I'm still a bit dazed about it all. I still cannot believe I one. When they were introducing the winners, they started bout by reading a short synopsis of the reason they won. When the announcer started telling my story, I was so in shock. It took me a moment to believe it and honestly, I am still in shock. But a good kind of shock. Once I get my thoughts in order a bit more I might do a vlog to get it all out.

One more note: Just before we got on the plane to go to the UK I got confirmation that my interview with Sonali Dev is set for tomorrow. I plan to get it all edited and broadcast this Wednesday, November 29th so you can meet her before her next book is published December 1st. You will not want to miss this interview .... seriously, she is amazing!

Keep watching our social media for more great news coming!

Have a wonderful week, people.


Photos from She Inspires Awards 2022, Bolton, UK

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