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Friday Funnies: Vacations!

Hello My Happy People,

I am scrambling today, but then when am I not, right? We are getting ready to head out next week for our first vacation since 2019. There is so much to get done in the next few days and I completely lost track of time. I was thinking we had one more week than we do. So now I am feeling pressured to get everything done in a lot fewer days than I thought I had.

I may just take a vacation from the podcast for two weeks and pick it back up before Halloween. I have a friend here in Germany who just won a horror writing contest and she has agreed to come on the podcast and read her winning entry. I can't wait for that! She is a writer but also a singer/songwriter for a Rockabilly band and plays the upright bass. She is so cool. I will post dates for that podcast as soon as we set up the interview.

I think i may just stop the writing prompt challenge and just give the two entrants each $25 and call it good. I am not getting any more submissions and it's been a few months. It was an idea to interact more with my audience but not all ideas pan out. My TikTok page is going well so we can always just turn the focus to that.

But that is enough for updates, lets get on with the jokes ... I need to get ready for date night with the hubbie!

Have a great weekend, happy people!


Q: How do you know elephants love to travel?

A: Because they always have their trunk with them!

Q: What is a rabbit's favorite way to travel?

A: By Hareplane!

Q: Where is a shark's favorite vacation destination?

A: Finland!

Q: Where do hamsters always go on vacation?

A: Hamsterdam!

Q: What’s worse than it raining cats and dogs on your vacation?

A: Hailing cabs. Q: What is a math teacher’s favourite vacation destination?

A: Times Square!

Q: What did E.T.'s mother ask him when he got home?

A: "Where on Earth have you been?”

Q: Why don't aliens visit our planet?

A: It only has a terrible one star rating.

Q: Why did the travelers who were driving to Disneyland just turn around and go home?

A: The saw a sign that read, "Disneyland Left".

Q: What travels around the world but stays in one corner?

A: A postage stamp.

Q: Why did you drop everything and travel to France?

A: Because I had nothing Toulouse.

Q: I heard you sued the airline when they lost your luggage. How did that go?

A: Not good. I lost the case.

Q: Why do you love glamping?

A: It fits my current mood, I'm pretty tents!

Q: Are you good at geography?

A: No, but I learned a trick to remember at least one city in France. It’s pretty Nice.

And last but not least ...

Q: Which U.S. state serves the smallest drinks?

A: Mini Soda.

Stand Up Comedy Jokes about Europe

Jim Gaffigan

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