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Friday Funnies: Top Gunning ...

Hello My Happy People,

Today is such a sad Friday with the events in the Texas, but I can't bring myself to comment further on it here because this would degrade into an emotional tirade. Instead, I will just pray for the families and friends of those lost and remind everyone that midterm elections are coming. Please vote your conscious.

I think today more than ever we need something uplifting and humorous to lighten our souls in such sad times.

I am actually writing this blog on Thursday because Friday, P.R. and I will be spending a good part of the day out and about. We have tickets to see the new Top Gun movie. P.R. has been counting down for this since it was first announced to be in production. While I am looking forward to going to a movie in a theater again with P.R., Tom Cruise is is not really someone I enjoy in movies.

Now, I have nothing against the guy personally (I don't even know him after all) but he is one of those actors who is just basically him in every movie. If you have seen him in anything in the last 10 years, you have seen his only character ... but that is just my opinion. I will however greatly enjoy seeing my better half finally get to see a movie that P.R. has been dying to see. That alone will make it a great movie for me.

In the spirit of celebrating the release of Top Gun Maverick, I have some wonderful pilot and plane Dad Jokes for you today to start your weekend off with a little more lightness in your heart.

Be sure to check out our Book Banter podcast (<--- click to listen) on Wednesday's if you haven't done so already: We have had some great guests already and are working to bring you even more wonderful interviews with more fascinating people. Don't forget the complete text, beta version audiobook of Into the West: The Orphan Train is available now to stream for FREE in our Members Only (<--- click to join free) section of this website.

I wish you all much love and happiness, people. Please hug your loved ones and treat strangers with kindness. I think we all need a lot more of that right now.

With love and prayers,


Q: Why did the gate attendant stop the vulture from boarding the plane?

A: Because it had too much carrion.

Q: What would you call a movie where pilots fight to get the best parking spot for their planes?

A: The Hangar Games!

Q: Why was the little airplane grounded and sent to its hangar?

A: Because he had a bad altitude.

Q: What kind is a pilot favorite kind of candy?

A: A plane chocolate bar.

Q: Why are pilots arrogant?

A: Because they spend their whole career look down on everyone and everything.

Q: Why did the airline no hire the pilot?

A: Because in the interview he said he was very down to earth.

Q: What happens if you fly the airplane backward?

A: You get a receding airline.

Q: Why did the flight attendants panicked when someone they were leaving work early?

A: Because it was the pilot.

Q: Why are spiders such great stunt pilots?

A: Because they can do amazing tailspins.

Q: What noise do 737s make when they jump?

A: Boeing, Boeing, Boeing.

Q: What happened when the student pilot flew through a rainbow on his last test flight?

A: He passed his exam with flying colors!

Q: What do you call it when passengers are sick of being at the airport?

A: A terminal illness.

Q: What kind of illness do pilots contract most often?

A: The flew!

Q: Why was the pilot denied bail?

A: Because he posed a significant flight risk.



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