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Friday Funnies: The Madhouse!

Hello My Happy People,

I hope you have had a great week and are heading into a fantastic weekend. I have been going crazy trying to get so much done, still spend time with my husband and Shaggy, learn how to use all my nifty new equipment, finish the website updates ... and find time to write. It's been a madhouse here this week with all of this. Thank goodness I have such great support. Pedro has been such a help!

We have a street food festival going on in our neighborhood this weekend and we just may have to head there tomorrow. We have always gone before in the years before CoVid19 (CV19) and it was such a great event. This will be the first post CV19 street food festival and we are so glad to see it make a comeback.

I have also been looking at buying tickets for a circus event this summer. Many years ago, I stopped going to any circuses that use animal acts, but here in Germany they have an amazing circus that uses holographic animals. I really want to see this! If we do get to go, I will be sure to share photos and maybe a video if they allow that.

This week I got the interface for my studio sound set up. (please ignore my banana in the photo) This thing is amazing and it works perfectly with the new microphone set up I purchased with coffee donations.

I still have a lot to learn about the settings on this interface to get the sound quality I want, but it will be able to do everything I had hoped for and so much more.

I'm really excited about learning how to use all the settings available. It even has sound effects and I can hook my cell phone to it so I can take callers ... if I ever want to do that ... but I can use that feature to also do remote interviews and get better sound quality for my interviewees.

I have also spent the week working hard on the website trying to get all the final touches finished. I think it may take another week to get all the mobile set ups checked and the SEO changed to reflect the new directions. I am also considering doing away with the separate Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages to create general Burckhardt Books pages on those platforms.

It is not such a big deal to do that with the Facebooks pages, I do not have a lot of followers on there and most of them are my friends or family. I do not think it would be hard to convince those people to switch to just one page for both. Many follow both pages so it would mean getting no repeat messages about books or other updates. Instagram is about half people I know and half people I do not. The Twitter pages would be different. Almost all of those followers are not people I know. Getting them to migrate might be a tougher battle. We will see. I'm going to really think about all the aspects of this before I do anything. It could be a lot of work for little to no benefit for me and I need to be actually WRITING!

Anyway, that is all the great things that have happened this week. I will be putting up the poll this weekend about what name people think would be good to replace the the "Posse" I had been using to address all of the people following my work. I kind of like just using "My Happy People" because I then can say, Happy People read Burckhardt Books. I rather like that.

Have a great weekend, My Happy People!


Q: Why don't ants ever get sick?

A: Because they have little anty-bodies.

Q: Why should you stand it the corner of the room if you are cold?

A: Because they are alway 90 degrees.

Q: Want to hear a roof joke?

A: Never mind, it'll just go over your head.

Q: Which birds are the rudest?

A: Mockingbirds.

Q: What do you get from a overly pampered cow?

A: Spoiled milk.

Q: Why should you never tell secrets in a corn field?

A: Too many little ears around.

Q: Why do museums often serve yogurt in their cafeteria?

A: Because it's so cultured.

Q: Why should you never tell a taco your secrets?

A: Because they almost always spill the beans.

And last but not least ...

Q: Did you hear about the cheese factory that exploded in Amsterdam?

A: De Brie was everywhere!

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