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Friday Funnies: National Mutt Day!!

Hello Posse!

You know I could not let a National Mutt Day go by without sharing photos of my favorite mutt, my dog, Shaggy! For those who do not know, Shaggy is a rescue dog from Russia. He was brought over from a shelter in Moscow that saves street dogs. Shaggy was actually thrown over a fence into the shelter's property with another dog they think was his mother.

Luckily, Shaggy was not hurt and eventually found his way to our home where we spoil him rotten! Shaggy has a lot of emotional issues, mainly dealing with fear. When we first got him, it was almost impossible to take him for a walk on the street. He was afraid of everything! And when I state everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

He was afraid of cars, running and parked, bicycles, with people on them or even just parked on the street, people, especially men and children. He was afraid of other animals, loud noises, and trash cans. Basically, he was afraid of anything on the street that was not us. After years of patient training and many, many, MANY walks in our neighborhood , Shaggy has gotten better but even today he knows is there is something new on the street. If someone has put out something for the trash to pick up, he will walk well around out.

Even with all the extra work we have had to do because of Shaggy's issues, we would not trade him for any other dog on the planet. He is very smart, he can do limited sign language to tell us what he wants and needs. He learns tricks very quickly. He also turned out to be a great therapy dog for me. He just instinctively knew when I needed help and knew what to do. He is and will always be our little furbaby.

So now to celebrate National Mutt Day, it is time for some dog jokes followed by a few recipes for your favorite mutt!




Q: Why was the squirrel able to get away?

A: The dog was barking up the wrong tree!


My vet called today with a Lab report but I think he mixed up my dog with some one

else's . . . I have a pug.


Q: Why won't your dog bring the ball back when you throw it?

A: He always complains that it's too far-fetched.


Q: What do dogs like to eat for breakfast?

A: Pooched eggs and sausages


Q: What do a phone and a dog have in common?

A: Both have collar ID.


Q: Why are dogs such good story tellers?

A: They always know when to paws for effect!


And last but not least . . .

Q: What is a dog's favorite kind of ice cream?

A: Pupcicles!


Doggie Recipes

Summer is a great time for ice cream, but it is not always healthy to give to our furry friends. Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking website gives us some great recipes for doggie friendly ice cream for your favorite fur babies! Bone Appétit

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