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Friday Funnies: Languages!!

Hello, Posse!

I have been hard at work trying to finish part 5 Into the West: Last Showdown. It is crazy how much I have written and how much I still have to go to wrap this up right where I want to lead us into the finale, part 6 Into the West: Family Ties.

This serial was my first project writing for myself and has been a serious learning experience for me as I had to get back into graphic design, web design, and advertising. These are all areas I have years of experience in, but that was years ago and so much has changed. I have had a lot to learn. I think I have done a decent job getting back up to speed, but trying to do that while keeping up with everything else in life was a challenge.

I have really enjoyed every bit of this experience and I am so grateful for each and everyone of you who have been supportive and actually read my books. If you posted a review somewhere, I love you even more! Which is why I am trying to make these next two book something wonderful. The earlier books in this serial have been about 30K words. I purposely made them short to make them quick reads for busy people. Part 5 however, broke my mold in many ways. Sorry about that. I hope the story will make up for it.

The first break from the norm is the habit I had of backing up one chapter and retelling the story from another character's perspective to retell the ending of the previous book then going on after it caught back up to the ending. In part 5, I've had to back up about six chapters and retell several character's perspectives to fix the fact that I forgot a huge chunk of the story I originally wanted to put in part 4 Into the West: Most Wanted. The crazy thing is I really think it all works, we will see what the beta reader says.

The second break is the length. Right now, part 5 Into the West: Last Showdown sits at 51K and 78 words and I still have about three more chapters to write. We have past the traditional novella length and will end up with a respectable novel word count. But it will still be on the lower end of that so I hope it will still be a quick read.

The really good news is I already have part 6 plotted out in my head, the cover designed, and all the extra bits that go into making these ready to go. So after Part 5 comes out, I will spend about two weeks just promoting that then dive in and start writing part 6. I hope to have that one out for Christmas. Hope being the key word there!

Now, what does all of that have to do with languages, you might be asking. I have just learned how to translate my blogs into other languages. I am starting out with German and Spanish and might be adding a few other options here soon, maybe at least Danish and French, because I have friends and family who speak all of these languages.

But that is enough news updates for today, it's Friday! Time for funnies!!!

Have a great weekend, Posse!




Q: What language is the least spoken on earth?

A: Sign language


Q: Why did the comedian decide to learn sign language?

A: He wanted to tell jokes nobody has ever heard before.


Q: What is the longest word in the English language?

A: Smiles, there is a mile between the first and last letter.


Q: Why do chickens get in trouble when they talk?

A: Because they always use fowl language!


Q: Why should everyone learn sign language?

A: It is a very handy skill!


Q: Was it difficult to learn Braille?

A: No, I just seemed to have a feel for it!


Q: What language is the richest?

A: Silence . . . it's golden!


Dog 1: Woof Woof Woof

Dog 2: Baa Baaa Baaaaa

Dog 1: Why did you say Baaaaaa?

Dog 2: I'm learning a foreign language.


Q: What word in is always spelled incorrectly in the English language?

A: Incorrectly


Q: Is the English Language difficult to learn?

A: Maybe a little, but it can be understood through tough thorough thought though.


Q: What would you call a guy who walks around town talking to himself using only figurative language?

A: The Village Idiom.


Q: What language do fish speak?

A: Finnish.


Q: What is your favorite word in the English language?

A: Frequently, I try to use it as often as possible.


The Graham Norton Show -- Translating Jokes


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