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Friday Funnies: Awards Night

Hello, Posse!

The night has finally come. Tonight is the Inspire Awards, Celebrating Inspirational Women. Earlier this year, Sharon Stephens, Dianne's mom, nominated her for the Inspire Awards HER Abilities Award. Dianne was thrilled to be nominated in this incredible category of women and when she got notice that she was a finalist, she felt it was beyond incredible.

From their website, Inspire Women Awards (<--- click here)

"This special 2020 Inspire Award is reserved for a special woman who despite her disabilities inspires by her positive contribution to the community, workplace, family or just her own life. Battling physical, mental or learning disability she has defied odds and overcome personal or work challenges. The winner of this award will have transcended her physical or mental or learning disabilities to turn her life around. Embracing HER-Abilities, she may also have achieved new success, eliminated limiting beliefs, and found a fulfilling way to live a fulfilling life."

Originally, Dianne and her husband, Pedro, were looking forward to flying to England to meet the judges in person and attend the formal awards night ceremony but then Covid19 happened. It has taken the organization some time to figure out how to proceed given the current state of the world, but the date was finally set for a virtual awards ceremony.

I hope you will join all of us here at in sending her good vibes and well wishes tonight for the awards. No matter what happens, I know Dianne already feels like a winner just to be named among this phenomenal group of women.

Due to the festivities coming up tonight, I am going to take a break from the "dad" jokes and instead share a great video from Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids. If you have not subscribed to their YouTube Channel, I highly suggest you do so ASAP.

Take care, posse!



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