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Sneak Peek Sunday

Hey Posse,

I'm afraid I'm falling asleep at the keyboard here but I promised you a Sneak Peek Sunday today and I wanted to deliver.

I had a nice well informed post typed out for you but it disappeared. I'm sorry to say, I do not have the mental fortitude to try to recreate it right now.

This is a short clip but very important to the story. I hope you enjoy it.


Into the West: Sharon Springs

“There has to be one good family here in town who would want to take those poor children on as their own.”

Deb looked up and gave Pete such a look of desperation that he felt as though his heart actually skipped a beat from the aching need he saw in his wife’s eyes. No man who ever loved his wife could stand to see such a pained look from her. Pete knew he would move hell and high water to make sure he never saw that look from her again.

Pete moved in closer to Deb and pulled her into his arms.

“Don’t you fret another minute about that darlin’. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure those children stay right here in Sharon Springs.” Pete kissed his wife on her forehead and hugged her tighter as he added. “I give you my oath on that.”


Keep watching the blogs this week for more information on how part three is coming along.

Best regards


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