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Finally Doing Some Advertising

Hello Posse!

Some great things have been happening lately. I finally got a crowbar and wrenched some money out of my wallet and bought advertising. The ad you see in this blog is from a site I joined called If you love to read you should really check out their website. It has a pretty nice setup.

I also bought some social media advertising through They have already started tweeting my books. It's much too soon to tell if either of these platforms will help me grow my fanbase. I will just have to wait and see.

I did manage to actually reach 200 followers on Facebook. It's surprising how long that actually took. However, I have seen my Twitter following double in the last month so that is promising.

I have been working on chapter three and I just want to do one more read through before sending it off to my amazing editor, Greg Wood. While it's off with him, I plan to get busy writing chapter four. I don't think four will take long to write. It's pretty set in my head.

If I can get done with three and four this weekend, I should be on track to do a pre-sale release on Valentine's Day to go along with announcing the winner of my Valentine's Day Grab Bag Giveaway.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest.

Good luck to you all!!


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