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There are Actual Words on the Page!

As slow as this book is coming I sometimes feel like I'm working on one of these old machines. Part of me would actually love to do it this way. the main thing stopping me is no spell check!

Well, I finally seemed to break through my writers block on this story, Into the West: Sharon Springs. I managed to get about 5,000 words written in two days. Thanks in large part to P.R.

This past weekend, P.R., my amazing better half, looked at me and said, "I'll do everything around the house this weekend, you just write that f***ing book!"

Lovelier words have never been spoken to an independent author! Is it any wonder I love P.R. so much?

Tonight, I managed to run the first chapter through a text to speech app and was able to get the first edit made and then sent it off to Greg Wood, my actual, legitimate editor. (He should probably be taking a look at these blog posts too!)

So now it's in the hands of Greg but, to be honest, I'm still a bit trepidation about this story. It's not flowing as well as the first two did and I worry that it's going to all be too convoluted when I get it finished. This is where beta readers would really come in handy.

If anyone would be interested in being a beta reader for this book, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. You have to be willing to commit to reading the story in a timely manner. I hope to get this book out for Christmas so time is running out!

It would be very helpful if you have already read parts one and two so you know the whole backstory. If not you can still read this one and let me know if it makes sense and is easy to follow.

If you would be willing to be a beta reader and read the chapters as I get them finished, drop me a line at

Thanks for following along, I hope you are enjoying the ride!


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