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New Contest and Writers Block

First things first, I have a new contest! This one is simple. I want more people to join my Members Only page. The membership is free, you just have to sign up for it. Select The Saloon in the menu bar on the top of any page on my website. In the dropdown menu, select Contest & Bribes. There you will find all the details for this contest.

Join today and then just sit back and see if you win.

Today, I am trying to finish up my latest writing challenge for another group project with Scott Harris and a host of other western authors. I am surprised I have been having such a difficult time with this one. When I heard the prompt, I thought, how fun. I was excited to get to work on it. But I have been working on it for three days now and have just not been happy with the results.

The thing is, the writing prompt this time is a horrible cliche (when you finally get to read it you will understand) and it's proven difficult to get beyond that train of thought. But today I decided to try just writing something without the prompt so I'm not focusing on it. Then when I finish the basic idea of the story, I'll work the prompt back in. My ideas have been flowing better since I started thinking of it that way. Now, if I can just get finished with it today. Fingers crossed.

So, check out The Shot Rang Out by Scott Harris and his 51 author friends. Sign up for my Members Only page and get entered to win an autographed copy of the special edition of Into the West: A New Home. The special edition contains part one of the saga, Into the West: The Orphan Train, and part two, Into the West: A New Home. Don't forget to keep checking back here more updates on how part three, Into the West: Sharon Springs is coming along.

Drop me a line sometime, I'd love to hear from you.


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