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Chilly Monday Greetings

Today is a somber day in the Burckhardt home. I'm going through a few emotions today after learning of the death of a family member. Yesterday, my mother's sister passed away. It was not a surprise as she was in her 80s and had been battling Alzheimer's for many years.

We were not close. She was a stern woman who was not what I would ever characterize as "touchy-feely" but I know her passing will be difficult for many people in her family. For those relatives, I am sorry for their loss.

For my mother, I am sorry she didn't have a sister who wanted a close relationship with her and that she was not even acknowledged in her sisters obituary when every other member of her family was. This is all very sad on so many levels.

This family loss is, of course, distracting from my writing but now I feel like channeling some of that emotion into my work. It seems like a perfect time to write seeing as how a few of my characters were also dealing with their losses at the end of book two.

Doc Pete and his wife had not thought of adopting a child until they saw Conner, who closely resembled the son they had lost. Tim Ruth had come to the meeting at the church with the idea of adopting a sister for his son Timothy. At one time, Timothy had a sister but she too was lost to the harsh realities of living in the wild west.

I think everything that is going on personally with my family right now will help me write a more realistic story when dealing with these emotions of loss. I hope to have something share for a sneak peak this weekend.

Keep watching the blogs for more updates and if you haven't already, sign up for the mailing list to get all the latest information on book releases, contests, and so much more.

Thanks for joining me on this ride!


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