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Technology is a Blessing and a Curse

Today has been very frustrating. My computer was acting up and I had to contact my tech support guys to get things working again. They did that in a few hours but it killed my writing momentum.

When technology works, it can really make your life simpler. Sad thing is, it seems like it screws up more than it works some days. Then there is also the internet connection.

We paid to have high speed internet put in the house and when it stays connected, the speed is great, the problem is it keeps losing the dang connection! It doesn't matter how high your high speed connection is if it can't keep connected!

It's days like today I wish I could just go back to a typewriter! But if we were back in those days, I wouldn't have this website to connect to all of you or be able to self-publish my books. It is definitely a trade off. Occasional convenience traded for a slightly higher blood-pressure when it doesn't work.

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