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This Week Has Been Rough!

It's crazy were life can take you some days. I was so happy that I was able to get some good writing done. the companion short has been much more emotional than I was expecting. But that is not what has been so rough about this week.

Earlier this week I learned a friend of mine had passed away. We met because we were geeks about the same sci-fi show, Lexx. We ended up at the same convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia many years ago. I knew she has not been doing well recently but I had not been expecting her to pass away.

That same day I learned about another friend I had made through social media. was getting a full lung transplant. Thank God, she came through the surgery all right and is now working through her recovery.

Today a very dear friend of mine lost her husband. I was not close with him but had met him a few times. He was a kind person who I have never heard anyone say a bad word against. He too had been battling health issues for years. We actually ended up going to the same physical rehab center for a time. He was a fighter and he fought hard for many years. the only blessing I can think of in his passing is he doesn't have to fight everyday of his life anymore. I know how tiring that can be, it drains you, body, mind, and soul!

And of course, P.R. was off in another part of the country working. I was expecting P.R. to return tonight but I got a text that the flight home was just cancelled. P.R. still might get home very late tonight but for now we wait to find out what they decide to do at the airport. I'm crossing my fingers there is another flight tonight. There is always hope.

Speaking of hope, I do hope you all will forgive me if I do not finish the companion short tonight. It's going very well and turning out better than I had imagined. I do not feel in the right mindset to write tonight but I will get back to it full force tomorrow. I want it finished and online for you all to read. But for tonight, I need a break.

Kiss your loved ones, and as always, thanks for following my work!

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