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Things are Looking Promising!

Yesterday, I took a practice test in class and got 87% this time. I'm not celebrating yet but it's looking like I should be able to pass this test okay. You cannot imagine how much stress this has released and how excited I'm finally letting myself get about the idea of getting back to writing my serial again.

Don't get me wrong, I love learning. I never want to stop learning. If I could go to college for the rest of my life and write full-time, and have quality time with P.R., I'd jump all over that! But, alas, I am not one of those master multitaskers anymore. I used to be but that was many years ago.

This class I am currently taking, is incredibly fascinating. I took American history in junior high, high school, and college and I've learned things in this class I had never heard before. This current instructor is someone I could listen to for hours, which is a good thing since each class is four hours long and, I'll admit, I'm constantly amused by the fact that he looks like a clone of Vin Diesel.

I'm one of those people who has a very difficult time with focusing when the lecture goes past and hour but this guy can really hold my attention, which is fascinating in itself. Usually, I start zoning out about 45 minutes in and after a hour, I'm totally gone into my own world in my head. However, with this class I'm present from start to finish and only have a few minutes of losing focus. That says a lot about the class topic and the instructor who is delivering it.

So, now I'm going to go study a bit more before my class. We'll see how I do on today's practice test. I'm not too worried if I do not score as high on this one today. The material I covered last night was a lot more in depth than what I covered yesterday. However I just keep telling myself that I only need to score 52% to pass this test and so far every test I have take has been 70% or higher. I plan to study everyday from now until the test so things can only get better.

I want to try to make myself take a week off from everything after this test and decompress a little before I just back into writing full speed. However, I also know myself and the chances of me making myself do that are about 50-50. I have several books I have bought that I have been dying to read. I may see how many I can get through in a week. I also need to reread my first two books to get the whole story line back in my head. But I know at the very least I'll probably write up the free short stories I had been promising for the members only section in the Saloon on my webpage. If you want to read those, it's free to join. Just sign up for the mailing list and you are in. You get first notice about all the freebies and publication dates. Don't worry about getting loads of mail from me. Right now I think It's been about one email about every three months and my goal is just to be consistent with one email a month. So sign up, get free stuff, and I promise not to overload you with emails!

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